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Some tips to get appointment ready...

Since buying a wedding dress isn't always as easy as it looks on tv shows!

we can't wait to meet you!


While we are always keen for a party, the Oh Happy Brides appointment space is snug. Given the current Covid case numbers in Ontario, and the rapid spread of variants, a maximum of 4 guests can accompany you to your appointment at this time. We know it can be a tough task to narrow down the list to 4 people, but remember that this process often includes more than one appointment, so there is an opportunity to include people who couldn't be included the first time around! If children will be accompanying you to your appointment, please be aware that this is a smaller space with plenty of white dresses and little trinkets so maybe bring a distraction to keep them occupied!


You're probably going to be out getting accessories AFTER you've found the dress, but a good item to bring to your appointment is always a pair of shoes with similar height to what you'll be wearing on your day! We also suggest wearing thin, nude-coloured under garments so that there are no distractions when you find the perfect gown. To keep our sample dresses as flawless and clean as possible, please do not wear any heavy foundations or perfumes. It is also a smart idea to arrive with an easy hairstyle that is somewhat similar to how you'll wear it on your wedding day. 


This one is important! We want to make sure that our gowns are what you've been envisioning and that they match up to the budget you have in mind. Before making your appointment, have a look through our Designers page and pick out a few styles that you would like to try on. Bring this list with you on your appointment day so we can hit the ground running with the dresses you love most! If someone else is helping to pay for your dress, have the budget conversation before you arrive so you're well prepared. It's never fun to fall in love with a gown and then realize it is nowhere near the budget you had in mind!


As mentioned before, our space is small and intimate. Our shop stylist will greet you and your team as you arrive, and get you settled in the space before having a quick discussion with you regarding what kind of dress you're looking for. You'll then get the chance to peruse our bridal racks with our stylist and we'll pull out 5 or so gowns that you would like to try on. If you made that list of your favourites - then you can let your stylist know! Our gowns are all sample sizes and those range from a US 4 to 28. Not to worry, we have the tools to adjust each gown to mimic the size you'll be ordering. 


Our dresses can be ordered in size 0 to 28 US. Your measurements will be taken during your appointment to help decipher a perfect fit. If you plan on shedding an inch or two, we strongly suggest ordering your gown for the size that you are during the appointment. This is because it is much easier to have a gown taken in then it is to be let out.


This is totally okay - and completely normal! So it's nothing to stress over. When you do find the one, you'll know. 


If we could give you one tip to try and avoid this situation, it would be to comb through as many photos of wedding dresses as you can to really try and figure out what style it is that you want! Once you can picture your wedding dress, finding it becomes a whole lot clearer!


There is also the possibility that you and your appointment guests are just at odds when it comes to the ONE. Maybe mom didn't like the low neckline, or your friends thought it wasn't the best fit for you. But the solution is always simple: go with what makes YOU happiest! At the end of the day it is your gown, and you need to feel beautiful and empowered in it! Running this by the people joining your appointment that day is always a good idea.


There can often be many stresses when it comes to planning a wedding. Nothing feels better than finding THE ONE, putting in your order and knowing that you can tick your wedding dress off of the list! So we suggest that when you come to your appointment, you are ready to buy. And this isn't a sales ploy- you should be ready to buy regardless of which shop you've got your appointment at. It just makes finding the one and getting it ordered that much simpler. Then you can move on to the rest of the planning and know that your dream dress is taken care of!

That's all brides! If you have any other questions...

feel free to send us a quick e-mail before your appointment!

Okay ready? Let's say yes!

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